Borders Training: Day 2

Today I started my training in the Cafe. Borders has Seattle’s Best Coffee in their stores (a lesser evil than Starbucks). Most of the 5-hour shift was spent sitting in uncomfortable wooden chairs reading a workbook together and taking notes. I’m still training with Matt and Xavier – looks like we’re going to go through all the trenches together. It was all pretty boring, but our cafe trainer is nice. Alyssa (our trainer) is more of the “alternative” type of supervisor. Somehow this Borders has managed to hire exclusively laid-back people with sarcastic humor. Non of those perky cheerleader types. Don’t get me wrong – they all like their jobs. They’re just not suck-up conformists. I like it.

More training tomorrow, and the data-entry job continues. Friday I’ll probably be working in the studio, then there’s training again Saturday morning.

Oh, and we tasted coffee tonight, and some of it wasn’t bad (to me, a non-coffee-drinker). Problem is, I’ve never had so much as whole cup of coffee before, so I’m a little wired now. 0_0



  1. Cheshire · · Reply

    Ah Kimi. Enjoy your job now. Christmas will come soon enough.

  2. Also coffee with make you poop. I had to learn this the, uh, well, I don’t know that you would call it the ‘hard’ way. Anywhoo, it’s a natural laxative, especially if you are not addicted to the stuff.

  3. Specifically, caffeine is a natural laxative. Coffee just has more of it and is also a liquid, which helps. However, caffeine in a pill like No-Doz or Vivarin will also have the same… freeing effect.

    -= Chris

  4. What an unexpected series of comments… šŸ˜‰

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