It Could be the Lattes Talking…

Tonight we had a pretty good time with the training. We’re still training in the cafe (considerably more training than the book side), and tonight we made some lattes! In fact, my second (ever) attempt at making a latte was for a customer! It was a medium vanilla latte. I steamed the milk correctly and got the right number of pumps of vanilla and everything!

We also sampled our lattes and espresso, so once again, I’m feeling pretty awake. Coffee isn’t such a good idea late at night if you ask me.

We have tomorrow off from Borders training, so I’m going into the studio for (probably) a full day of laid-in couching (I’ll get you guys to learn textile stuff yet – you’ll see!) I’m going to be stitching down fringe until I’m old and grey, I think.

Hmm… My monitor is flickering a bit. This might not be a good sign. :/


One comment

  1. bwendolyn · · Reply

    I like coffee so I’ll drink your share ;). I think Seattle’s Best is much less wicked than Starbucks!

    Is your power cable loose? The display (on my laptop) dims sometimes when the cable isn’t plugged in firmly ::shrug:: Now that I think of it, one of the CRT monitors at work was dimmy that way, too.

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