I Can See the Table!

This morning I decided I really needed to clear off the table so I would have room to work on some boards. I fully intended to have a very productive day of pinning and stitching, but somehow clearing off the table spiraled WAY out of control and now the apartment is cleaner than it has been in months. It feels really good, though, so I’m not disappointed. The floors were so dusty I was worried that some of the dust bunnies would start hopping around and nibbling on things. But they’ve all been swept up, the piles of laundry and junk have been sorted and put away, the toilet and bathtub have been scrubbed (by Karen), and the rugs are clean and due to come out of the dryer in just a little bit. This afternoon I sat in The Gold Chair for the first time in months (it is very convenient for holding laundry) and remembered how comfy it is. Karen and I even sat and ate lunch at the table! It’s amazing how many more things I feel inspired to do, now that I can sit at a table and do them. I could write, draw, paint, cut out pattern pieces (small ones), or even eat a meal off of dishes (which are clean now!)

The little things can be quite pleasing now and again. πŸ™‚

Also, thank you everyone who took part in Post-Every-Day-of-the-Week week! It was a lot of fun (and insanity) and the participation was even better than I had hoped for! And despite what some people have tried to make out of it, it was never going to be a competition. It was just a fun challenge to see if we could do it, and it makes people post about things they normally wouldn’t – be it random thoughts or sharing a typical day for themselves.

That being said… Chris wins. Because I said so. (And apparently now he’s going to keep posting every day forever. πŸ˜‰ )



  1. I think I already established the fact that I won. Because I’m awesome. Totally.

  2. I will post 4-EVA!!!

    I haven’t gone longer without posting than a couple weeks in over seven years now.

    -= Chris

  3. Bwennie · · Reply

    😦 I can’t see my table.

  4. Matt: You may think that only posting twice a year makes you awesome, but it doesn’t make you win PEDotWW. πŸ˜‰

    Chris: Guess who has only 5 minutes left to post today?…

  5. In response to your comment on the calorie software you left on my blog a week or so ago – let me know if you like the program, because I bought it and will totally let you pirate my activation code.

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