In France It’s a Big Deal

Hey, it’s my Birthday!

To celebrate, I slept in this morning and tonight I’m going out for Japanese food at my favorite Japanese restaurant in Long Beach (Kinokawa) with some of my SCA friends. Then we’re going to Cat & Mel’s place for delicious vegan cupcakes (that will “Take Over the World”!!)

Simple. Tasty. I’m excited!



  1. Dadman · · Reply


    Now, *everybody* sing!….

    Happy birthday to yoooouuu….
    Happy birthday to yoooouuuu…
    Happy birthday, dear Kimberly….
    Happy birthday to you!


    That was pretty weak…

    …try again….. this time with feeling!

    (See – Dads still get to embarrass their kids – even on a blog….)

    Hope it’s a fun one!



  2. I still like my version better, Ugly-face! : P Have good sushi and cupcakes!!

    (I wish *my* birthday were a national holiday in a European country…)

  3. Happy Birthday!!! Wish I could have joined you…that whole planning meeting thing…

  4. Bwaha! Your birthday present is in now in hand, so you need to find an excuse to make your way up to this end of the world.

  5. I totally guillotined some pampered aristocrats in your honor.

  6. See, how can I compete with honorary guillotining? I don’t even have a random head lying around to give to you…

  7. Happy Birthday, plus a week!

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