At Least They Don’t Smell Like Dead Bat…

I stumbled across this article today and it made me laugh quite a lot, so I thought I’d share it with y’all for my (monthly) post…

Here is the article, and here is my favorite quote:

“If you think about it, the Crocs company should really be admired. P. T. Barnum would be proud. They’ve managed to separate money from the wallets of millions and millions of seemingly sane people who wake up, look in the closet, and actually decide: ‘Today I’ll leave the house wearing these neon-green Dutch bubble shoes with Swiss-cheese holes in them. Maybe I’ll even buy some little plastic strawberries or bananas and jam them in the sweat holes, just to jazz things up and make the bacteria incubate faster.’ That’s fine. I say do whatever you want in the privacy of your own home. Let your Crocs freak flag fly. But don’t make the rest of us watch.”

If this guy is the last person to jump on the “I hate Crocs” bandwagon, what does that make me? I didn’t even realize that I hated them until I read this, and then I was like “Yeah! Those things ARE ugly!!” I suspect their popularity has something to do with Mario Batali.

Here’s another anti-Croc article that is quite funny (warning, he calls people names). Once again, I am trying to catch an internet wave and only barely doggy-paddling a mile behind.

Oh well. I’m still amused.



  1. I am anti-Crocs! (They are UGLY, people!!)

    But I am pro-Batali!! (*inner-turmoil*)

    Also, I am sleepy. : P

  2. I have a pair of Crocs. I restrained myself to a beige pair, but I concede their ugliness. I wear them when I know my feet are going to get wet, and I don’t want to ruin a good pair of shoes/sandals. Like when I wash the car, go swimming (for the walk back from the pool), or wade into a lake or stream. That, or I wear them down to the laundry room.

    Kiwi, find me a person who is anti-Batali, and you’ll find me a person that I don’t want to be around.

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