Jill of All Trades

Today I was taking my lunch in the break room at Borders and I got to chatting with a couple of my coworkers who, it turns out, are also geeks. (It’s always nice to meet other well-adjusted Geeks out in society.) James and Cory are mostly console Gamers, though Cory also used to play Dungeons & Dragons, and they both read some science fiction. We were chatting about video games (old and new) and books and whatnot when I realized that I could hold my own in the conversation. I’m sure some of you out there are like “Duh, Kim!”, but I guess I’m used to being hopelessly out-nerded by my brothers, and I was was actually a little surprised.

Sometimes people are like “Wow, you’re a real geek, aren’t you?”, and I have trouble agreeing, because I don’t actually spend much time on geek stuff anymore.

< Side note > I’m talking about typical nerd stuff, not my obscure brand of textile-nerd. That I am a total weirdo for. </ Side note >

I only really have enough nerdiness to “impress” the Normal People. (Like how I used “mock” html as shorthand just now.) I know the Secret Nerd Handshake, but I don’t really use the clubhouse.

I’ve been around geeks and geek stuff for so long that I’ve been exposed to most of the the different areas of nerddom, and gleaned just enough from it all to be able to BS my way into almost any geek gathering. But when it really comes down to it, I’m a Jack of all geek-trades, Master of none. I was, however, impressed with just how many areas of geek I’ve got covered. I made a list:

  • Watch science fiction
  • Science fiction conventions
  • Watch anime
  • Anime conventions
  • Cosplay
  • Read science fiction
  • Read fantasy
  • Write science fiction/fantasy
  • Play Dungeons & Dragons
  • Play video games (console & PC)
  • SCA

Sure, some of these I’m not actively doing right now. But really, if you’ve ever played D&D, it’s with you for life.

I guess this makes sense. I mean, I like to try everything – I suppose it follows that I’d try geek stuff all across the board!


One comment

  1. You have seen any of the several geek flow charts out there, right?


    I like seeing how many columns people fall into on the hierarchy, however I’m not geeky enough to know how to embed links nicely in a comment.

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