Go USA, 2008!!

Wow. I hope everyone out there watched the Olympics tonight, because the USA Men’s Gymnastics team was on fire!! (So was China, but that’s a no-brainer.)

There was some seriously spectacular moves these guys pulled off. (Especially in the High Bar. Seriously, go look at the videos online. People just shouldn’t be able to do these things!) Too many awesome things to describe (and I don’t know the lingo anyway), but I will mention Alexander Artemev. This kid was an alternate and sat around the entire day watching his teammates compete. Then, it’s literally the last routine for our team and a medal is on the line – and it all comes down to him. The only thing he gets to do for his team is one routine on the lowest scoring event: the pommel horse… which almost nobody likes.

And he gives a flawless routine.

And perfectly sticks the landing.

I’m telling you, this routine was poetry. Not only was his routine more interesting than anyone else’s, he did it better than all of them. It was like in the movies – 3/4 of the way through the routine he starts picking up steam and the crowd starts getting louder and louder. He finishes off with some upside-down spinning, plants his feet down together without so much as a bobble, and the crowd goes wild!! (Video here. Under “search video” click on the pommel horse icon then fast forward to about 2:31:15.)

What was really wonderful about the whole thing, though, was what a great team we have this year. You can really tell that they’re very tight and really work together. And they were so proud of themselves for winning the bronze medal. You almost expect USA athletes to be disappointed when they don’t win first place, but these guys worked really hard for that medal and they were so gosh darn proud of themselves you couldn’t help but fell all warm and fuzzy for them too.

P.S. You gotta watch Jonathan Horton and Justin Spring on the High Bar. Fast forward to 1:30:15. Horton also had an amazing floor routine – I swear, this guy can do no wrong! And he’s far too cute for his own good. Oh, and Raj Bhavsar was an alternate too! I love the Olympics!



  1. Makes me want a TV so I can watch the Olympics. Or an internet connection at home so I could watch online…Sigh

  2. TV’s are cheap! You don’t even need cable. Just a lack of need to sleep when it’s daytime in China.

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