I Bought Coffee.

The epic-ness of the title of this rant should make up for the lack of epic posting. It’s true, too. I bought a bag of coffee beans at work last week on Bean Friday. It’s SBC’s new seasonal blend, “Autumn Reserve”, and it’s pretty darn good! I bought it mostly because at my new job we only have terrible instant coffee, and it’s going to take a while for me to get used to working 8 to 5.

Oh yeah, I got a new job. Sorta.

Not long ago I dropped by my temp agency and told them I was looking for work again, and a few days later they called me up and said they had a job for me. I’m working at SCAN (an HMO), and I’m filling in for someone who’s “on leave” doing Admin. stuff. The best guess they can give me is that I could be working there until the beginning of October. It’s wierd working in an office again, but the people are all really nice and it pays the same as my job at Geneon last year. They seem to really like me too, and there’s been some hints at a job they haven’t posted yet. :: shrug ::

So, I put in my 2 weeks notice at Borders and I may or may not have any more shifts there (becuase of how scheduling works out and stuff). I did have to work all last weekend though, and since I started my temp job last Thursday, I will have worked 9 full days in a row before I get a break on Saturday. It was going to be 10, but I got out of my last shift at Borders so I could go to Grandma G’s birthday party.

But don’t dispare! I am still working 2 jobs, though the scheduling hasn’t been worked out yet. I’m chained to Cara’s work table (her words, not mine) until we finish The Big Chinese Piece, at least. It’s huge and going to take a lot of hours.

Well, I really thought this was going to be a short post… Don’t expect a dramatic change in posting on my end. Unlike at Geneon, we have restricted internet access at SCAN and I can’t blog or read webcomics or anything really fun (it’s blocked by filters or monkeys or something). Plus, they have, you know, work for me to do. ; )



  1. Damn internet filter monkeys. They never let you have any fun.

  2. Yay! 8 – 17 employment! Alas for the webmonkeys; I’m glad I work in academia, where censorship is loathed on the same level as Bush and Decaf.

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