Words, yo.

Ok, here’s my word cloud, created on Wordle.net.

I think it was perhaps a good thing I decided to cut back on the crazyness of my work-life. Perhaps someday my wordle will be populated with words like “Lazy”, “Vacation”, “Tasty Snacks”, and “Handsome Young Man”.



  1. All right, dude, your wordle is officially the saddest. : ( But also, perhaps the most hilarious.

    Also, I fully support your future world predictions!

    (Annie and I keep demanding that the Powers That Be deliver you to our beach…but they haven’t been listening! : ( We tried!!)

  2. Oh, man. Tragic prominence of work indeed. You totally beat me. Man…

  3. You started other blogs for all your fun stuff. Make a happy word cloud to chase the scary one away.

  4. mollybeaver · · Reply

    If it makes you feel better Kimi, I made one of those wordles and various work related phrases were peppered throughout mine as well. Stupid work! It’s ruining our lives!

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