One Day More

I had that song from Les Miz stuck in my head pretty much all day. It’s a good song, though, so I don’t really mind.

Work continues to go well. Today they extended my assignment another two weeks – an action that was completely dependant on what the person I’m filling in for is up to (which nobody knows…)

Tomorrow (later today, technically) I head off to war!! The Great Western War, held up in wonderful Taft. It’s actually a very lovely site, and I’ve been counting the days for over a month now. I can’t wait!!

Here’s a picture of the site from last year:



  1. All right, dude. The Park Bench on the Ceiling Effect is still in full swing – I spent the better part of the morning yesterday singing One Day More. I *never* sing Les Miz. Ever. That’s strictly Conor’s department. Toaster Strudel, dude.

    Also, have an amazing war!!!

  2. War. *Huh.* Good god, ya’ll. What is it good for?
    Weaving, apparently. And feasting. And a nice weekend out of the city.

  3. I wish I was going to war…

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