Not a Political Post

I just read this article. I don’t really want to stir up any political debate here, but check out this quote regarding Sarah Palin:

“Then on Tuesday the Politico website caused a stir by publishing financial records of the Republican National Committee showing it has spent more than 150,000 dollars on clothes for Palin since late August.”

$150,000 dollars on clothes in 2 months?? That’s $2,500 a day! That’s outragous! Most families – with 2 working parents – in this country don’t make that much money in a year. If you ask me, this is a poor choice for Palin, not only as a politician, but as a role model for young girls everywhere. (“Math is hard – let’s go shopping!”)

P.S. Stay tuned for next week’s blog challenge!



  1. People are saying, “no, that figure has been exaggerated”. Still, some people spend WAY too much money on clothes, while others don’t even have enough money to buy food :/

  2. Yeah, I’d believe that it was exaggerated. But even if it’s only HALF that, that’s still a ton of money on clothes!

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