Bad Wolf

I can’t ever recall seeing flickering traffic lights before. Today I saw two flickering green lights on my way home from work (approx. 1 mile apart from each other.) What’s that about? And why are green LEDs more prone to flickering? (It’s true. I read it on Wikipedia.) For some reason seeing the flickering green lights made me think “Bad Wolf”… (Too much “Dr. Who” before bed!)

I’ve been working a lot lately (hence the lack of posting.) In addition to my regular job I’ve been putting a lot of time in the studio. We’re finally working on this huge silk wall-hanging that we put off for about 8 months. We have to get it done ASAP because Cara’s moving out of the studio at the end of the month and the piece is WAY too big to move – let alone work on – anywhere else!

Monday morning I head up to Oregon for Christmas! I’m driving and picking up Matthew in Santa Cruz on the way. I can’t wait! But first, I have a lot of stitching to do…


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