Back to School

Well, the title says it all, really. Tomorrow I begin my 2-3 year journey to art conservation school. “2 or 3 years??” you might be asking. Here’s the story:

In the USA there are 3 schools (that are worth it) that offer art conservation masters programs that include a focus on textiles. They are the University of Delaware at Winterthur, NYU and Buffalo State College. Though art conservation is not a particularly competitive field, getting into these programs is extremely difficult. Each of these schools typically accept 8 – 10 new students each year for the art conservation masters program. (Don’t ask me how many apply because I don’t know. Hundreds, I suspect.)

These schools also have long lists of admisions requirements.  I have compiled a list of the classes I need to take to make sure I meet the requirements of all 3 schools:

Math (prerequisite for chem.)

Chemistry (1 year)

Organic Chemistry (1 year)

French (reading proficiency, NYU)

German (reading proficiency, NYU)

Art History (lots more)


Costume/Fashion history



As you can see, this is a lot of coursework. Probably about 3 years worth. It’s possible I could do it in 2 if I took a full load and took summer classes, but I hope to be doing awesome internships during the summers. (More on that when they come to fruition.)

I’m starting off this “pre-program” program with Algebra and French. French should be interesting since I have had no luck to date pronouncing french words. Wish me luck with both!


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