This evening I went out and took some more factory pictures. I just can’t get enough of these factories! These ones in particular have been tempting me for ages because I drive past them every time I go to the studio or my storage unit.

Turns out it was pretty easy to get these pictures. I parked my car near the Trader Joes (2nd & PCH) and walked along the road till I reached the bike path that goes right in front of these pretties! People on bikes looked at me kinda funny, but I encountered no security trouble* at all this time+. Kind of a let down, really.

I uploaded about a dozen of the better pictures I took tonight on the digital camera. Check out the link to my Flickr account on the right to see them.

Yesterday I got “my” (one of them belongs to Dad) film-cameras out of my storage unit. I bought some 200 and 800 speed film and had a jolly time playing around with the different camera settings. I also took the tripod out and got some night shots from a bridge about a mile away. I had the telephoto zoom lens on too – boy did I feel cool! I’m going try and drop off the film tomorrow. Then I’ll cross my fingers and hope that some of them came out!

* It’s possible that these factories are a water treatment facility, and thus not very high up on the terrorism danger list.

+ Last time my run-in with “the law” consisted of a nervous security guard approaching me and taking down my information.



  1. Maybe you should have been an architect? 🙂

  2. I’m surprised that they didn’t stop you darling. You are just so suspicious looking!

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