Arts & Archery

Wow, I almost forgot I *had* this blog! 😉 I’m going to make up for the past two months of silence with an epic post here…

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been working furiously on some art projects for a competition in my barony (in the SCA). The event is called “Arts & Archery” where they have a competition in both (can you guess?) arts and archery. The two aren’t combined, they just have them both at the same event.

The winner of the arts competition becomes the barony’s arts champion for a year and to enter the competition you have to submit 3 things (that you made) following these rules: (taken from the event description)

1.   Primary Interest
Each contestant will submit one entry of their best work from their primary area of interest, such as: bardic, culinary, costuming, textile making, scribal, woodworking, metal-working. (This is a dry site, so any brewing entries MUST be non-alcoholic.)

2. Secondary Example
Each contestant will also submit one entry in an area different from their primary, though it may be related to their primary interest. For example, if your primary interest is bardic, and you submit an original poem as your primary, you may submit a performance of a period work as your second entry. Likewise, if you submit a carving under a woodworking primary interest, your second entry could be a jewelry box.

3. Breadth of Knowledge
Each contestant will submit a third entry unrelated to the first two. It is suggested that among the three entries each artist include an example of fine art (judged on its aesthetic qualities, such as a painting or a costume), and practical art or science (judged on its usefulness and precise recreation, such as recreating medieval pigments, or building a scale model.)

As you can see, it was a bit of effort just to qualify! But all the entries were great (some were fantastic!), and everyone was very supportive of each other.

Somehow I managed to get all my projects finished in time. for my primary interest I entered my Lyondemere mini-tapestry (the one I started a million years ago.) For my secondary example, I submitted the (handwoven)  linnen coifs I made for Patrick & Brenda. For my breadth of knowledge example I made a hardback book, which was actually the easiest of the three. They all came out well, though the coifs are a bit stiff (because of the linen yarn I used) and I don’t want to look at the tapestry again for at least a year (not because it’s bad but because I’ve been staring at it for weeks and I’m sick of it!) My documentation* came out alright, though there was a lot more I could have added if I’d had time.

So, how did I do? In our Baroness’ words, I “came in a very close second”… to a LAUREL!!

Now, I know that Laurels don’t walk on water or anything, but I’ll have you know that I lost to a woman who has been in the SCA a long time, is extremely talented and SUPER nice! Frankly, I would have felt bad if they’d picked me over her ‘cuz I’d have known it was because they were just being nice.

It was good for me to push myself like this, I think. This was the first time I’ve ever entered a competition in the SCA (that wasn’t archery), and I was a little nervous. Entering this competition gave me a deadline and made me finish some projects (which doesn’t happen as often as I’d like). It was also reaffirming to see that my work held up against the scrutiny of People Who Know Stuff.

I pushed myself to do my best work and I’m proud of myself for finishing what I started!


* Kelly helped me out BIG TIME with my documentation (and proof reading). I am very lucky to have a best friend who is an MLA style nut. You rock, dude! When I come visit I’m bringing a bottle of Patron with your name on it!



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  2. You did so AMAZING with your entries and documentations!!! Rock on! Do more! 🙂

  3. Yay, Patron!! Erm…I mean, congratulations! ; )

    Now to push myself to finish my work… : )

  4. Yaaaayyyyyy! I am so excited about your amazing craftiness skills! Congratulations!!!

  5. Gratz on your near victory! And, for the record, MLA is an awesomely user friendly style.

  6. Congratulations Kim!!!

    So, where are the photos of this amazing feat?

  7. ps – who is the Laurel? Anyone I know?

  8. Mom: Um, I don’t think you’ve met her (she’s not one of my barony-friends that I hang out with, but I see her at events.)
    And I have many pictures from throughout the crafty process. I’ll post them sometime… 🙂

  9. Well done Kim!

    Yes… where are the photos of this significant achievement?

    Enquiring minds want to know!

    p.s. perhaps your editor would be interested in Espolon Añejo… but I digress…. congrats again! 😉

  10. Photos? You promised photos ages ago.

  11. Waitaminnit… you mean I *don’t* walk on water?

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