I’m on vacation! It’s so great to sit here and have nothing better to do than blog. ^__^

I’m visiting my Dad in Winston-Salem, NC, for Easter. Winston-Salem is home to a lot of Moravians and we’re going to participate in some neat cultural activities tonight! Winston-Salem is known as the “Easter City” because they really get into Easter celebrations here (and there are  a LOT of churches!) The Moravians have a pretty interesting (kind of crazy) tradition for ringing in Easter. They get up in the middle of the night and groups of musicians wander the streets playing Easter music. They work their way to their cemetery (the one that goes with their church, where their friends and family are buried) and they time it so they arrive just before sunrise. Then they have a Sunrise Service in the cemetery and lo – it’s Easter! Then everybody gathers at the church for an Epic Southern Breakfast. Dad says there will be biscuits and gravy that only Southerners can provide. I don’t really care for biscuits and gravy, but I’ve never had real southern biscuits and gravy, so maybe I’ll like it when it’s done right!

I’m excited! I’ll take pictures. ^_^


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