"Rebel" by Claire Delacroix

Angel on a mission! (The mission is sexiness.)

“Rebel” is the third (and apparently final) book in the Prometheus Project trilogy. I won’t give any spoilers, and since I didn’t review the first two (“Fallen” and “Guardian”), I’ll just stick to general thoughts on these books.

I really enjoyed these books! I loved the post-apocalyptic world Delacroix created – and adding magic or paranormal activity to a post-apocalyptic story is almost always the way to go!

These were my first books that featured angels (I think), and at first I wasn’t sure I’d like it. Maybe it’s just the way Delacroix handled it, but I thought the Angel-on-a-mission-in-a-nuked-up-world thing was pretty awesome. She used just the right amount of paranormal stuff to give the story an interesting twist.

What was really great about “Rebel” was that I read it on my Kindle. Seriously, it felt like the perfect book to read in a digital format!

I haven’t branched out into other Claire Delacroix books yet, but it seems very likely that I will soon!


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