"The Laughing Corpse" by Laurell K. Hamilton

This is my favorite Anita Blake novel so far, which is really weird considering my fear of zombies. There are a lot of walking dead in this book, but Anita is totally their master. Maybe that’s why I’m OK with it?

I really liked the voodoo stuff in this one – especially the villain! Damn, she was badass. The ending was really cool, and I totally didn’t see it coming (though I can be rather dense when it comes to these kinds of things, so YMMV).

Again, I listened to the audiobook* and there was even more mood music in this one. They also added sound effects to this one, which was a little startling at first. After a while, though, I dug it. Lots of gunshots and squishy corpses and stuff. (Again, no idea why this didn’t gross me out or give me nightmares.) It’s neat to see audiobooks expanding beyond just somebody reading the words.

* Yes, checked out from the library. Seriously, go to your library’s website and see if they offer this. I can download audiobooks (mp3s) direct from my library for FREE. F-R-E-E!! I’m at Starbucks downloading the 5th Anita Blake novel** right now!

** Don’t judge me!


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