Epic Return. Epic Quiche.

I believe that I still have a few readers out there who remember when I used to write on this blog. They will understand that my return is not, in itself epic, but the fact that I managed to return after a 15-month absence from blogging entirely is surprising to say the least.

And what better way to herald my return than with quiche!

Adventures in Quiche

I love eggs. And food made with eggs. Like quiche. I loooove quiche, and there are really easy quiche recipes out there, which is the only reason I’ve ever made any.

This isn’t a story about easy quiche.

It’s a story about EPIC quiche.

Yesterday I got a package at work sent from a coworker that I helped send to Corning, NY. You may not know this, but Corningware comes from a Podunk town in New York called “Corning”. That is literally the only interesting thing about Corning.

Because booking his travel to Corning was such a pain (and because he had me change all of his hotel reservations Friday afternoon before his Sunday flight), my coworker sent me a thank-you gift in the form of a set of 4 squarish red crème Brule dishes.


Look! They're red and squarish!

I was pretty excited about the crème Brule dishes, but quickly realized that I didn’t have a cooking torch, nor any idea how to make crème Brule (except that it requires a mini blowtorch). And then I remembered that I didn’t actually like eating crème Brule either. So I decided to make quiche instead.


Somehow I unintentionally made the entire thing from scratch, which is weird for me. (I’m usually more of a “Semi Homemade” kind of girl.) I guess if I’d thought it through properly I’d have seen it coming, but frankly all that was going through my head was “OMG MINI QUICHE!! IT’S QUICHE JUST FOR MEEEEEE!!”

But it’s not like I could take my usual shortcut with a frozen piecrust. And I didn’t want to buy pre-grated cheese because I already had a bunch of cheese in the fridge that I wanted to use. I totally used frozen spinach which would, to a lot of people, be “cheating” except that Rule #1 applies here, so it’s totes legit.

1st rule of cooking: Decisions made “because that’s how Mom always makes it” is ALWAYS a valid reason.

ANYWAY… Here’s what I did:


This is dough. Made from scratch (whaaaat??)


It's hard to tell how thick the crust is. Next time I'd make it even thinner. (Not that there will *be* a next time...)

First I made the crust. I used this basic pie crust recipe and I started with a half batch, but it (surprisingly) wasn’t enough for all 4 dishes so I ended up making a whole batch. I divided the dough up evenly and squished it with my fingers to make tiny squarish crusts in each dish. I followed the crust baking directions on the recipe (except I only baked them for about 13 minutes).

Then I prepped the filling according to Mom’s recipe. Mostly.

Mom’s quiche recipe
Layer in pie crust:
Chopped onion*
Grated cheese**
Ham, bacon, veggies or whatever***
Pour over everything: 3 beaten eggs plus milk to make 2 ½ c., well mixed
Bake at 350* for 45 min. Cool 5~10 min before serving
*I sauté the onion first (in butter)
** I like to use mild or medium cheddar
*** I like spinach in my quiche. (And I prefer vegetarian quiche.)

So, as you can see by all the asterisks I have a particular way I like to make Mom’s quiche.


The ingredients (except the milk, forgot to put that in.) Your selection of cheese may vary (but you'd be a FOOL - Tillamook is the best!!)

I cut up the onion and put in on the stove to saute. Then I defrosted the spinach and grated the cheese.


Cooked slowly, like this!

I thought I’d divide up the cheese ahead of time so I could (in theory) calculate the calories or something. According to the label, a serving size is a 1″ cube, so that’s what I did. I figured that was about enough cheese for each dish.


Single serving cheese cubes. Reminds me of the "Cheese Cube Diet" from "The Devil Wears Prada".

Turned out that step was unnecessary. Not only is it really hard to grate a 1″ cube of cheese, but I still ended up with too much cheese. Also I don’t care about calorie counting.


Just lightly browned and ready for cheesy eggy spinach-y goodness! Also onions.

So by this point the crusts had finished cooking and it was time to put in the filling.

The space now remaining in the dishes was pretty limited, so I got really picky with the sauteed onions (read: picked out the burnt pieces.)

OH! I almost forgot when I was cooking and I almost forgot to write it here too. After you defrost the spinach, before you put it in dish squeeze out all the water! Otherwise you get soggy-crusted quiche and nobody wants that.


Properly squozen spinach!


The cheese usually ends up on top, but I bet mixing it in would be good too.


Add that milk I forgot to one egg. BEAT. EGG.

Oh yeah, this part is different from the recipe too.

I was still trying to go for even quantities in each dish and I was hoping that 1 egg (AA Large) would fit in each dish. 1 egg turned out to be a little too much after I added milk, so 3 eggs with milk filled the 4 dishes.


Pour the eggmilk right on top! It fills in all the space nice and good. Efficient eggs are efficient.

Hmm. I wonder if I’d measured it, it would have come out to 2 1/2 c.?… I guess that’s not actually different despite being put into completely different dishes.


I’m renaming this quiche recipe to The Magic Quiche Recipe.

Then you bake the things and they come out magical and delicious:


I baked them at 350* for about 35-40 minutes. I checked on them at 30 minutes because I wasn't sure how much faster they would bake in these small dishes. 


Tah daaaaaaaah!!! Fresh out of the oven.


This is what they look like after they've calmed down a bit. Out of fear. Because I ate one of them as an example to the others.

In conclusion, this was a pretty fun experiment but WAY too much work to be practical. Also, I think the crust-to-filling ratio was a bit high on the crust side. I might be able to make the crusts a little thinner next time, but realistically you just can’t fit much quiche in a crème Brule dish. I don’t think the advantages of single serving quiche (awesomeness and bragging rights) outweigh the disadvantages (cooking time and the fact that I can eat 2 or 3 in one sitting.)

I might be tempted, however, to try making something in which the crust is a more delicious part of the item. Like cobbler. Hmmm… cobbler.



  1. Mmm… looks delicious. I love crust so my vote would be, keep that crust-to-quiche ratio just as it is

    1. Thanks! It was pretty tasty!

  2. Epic Quiche is epic!
    Also I love the word squozen.

  3. It’s one of my favorite words! 😀

  4. Wow! Those are some impressive quiches! And from scratch!? I’m so proud!

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