"At Last Comes Love" by Mary Balogh

I’ve read several books by Mary Balogh and have enjoyed them all very much. This one was a Regency historical romance featuring a 30-year-old “Spinster” who has decided it’s finally time to get married. In a moment of panic – and to spite the man who jilted her 12 years ago – she decides to announce that she’s engaged to a confirmed Rake. Said Rake happens to be looking for a wife and they decide “what the hell, let’s get married for realsies and see how it goes” (but in Regency-talk, which took about 30 pages.)

I really liked the lead female character – she’s strong-willed and sensible without being stupid about it. Unlike many other authors, Balogh is able to develop characters while retaining their unique personalities. There’s nothing I hate more than when the female protagonist ends up “tamed” by her new lover and becomes a completely bland person character. 

Our hero was a pretty good bloke, though a little predictable. I was never really convinced by his reasons for marrying the heroine, though I really did like that he kept trying to talk her out of it!

All in all, a good read!


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