The Leek Experiment

Well, that didn’t go as I planned. Here are my tweets from The Day Of The Leek:

Jan 29, 10:36pm – The next 2 days should be pretty interesting… #LeekFast2013

Jan 30, 9:36am – Breakfast: boiled leeks with a little olive oil, lemon juice, salt & pepper.

Breakfast leeks.

Breakfast leeks.

11:04am – Midmorning snack: Leek broth. #LeekFast2013

Leek juice.

Leek broth.

11:05am – The leek broth isn’t as good as the leeks themselves. #LeekFast2013 #hrrrk

11:29am – Tried adding a little salt to the leek broth. Still tastes like leeks. #LeekFast2013

12:25pm – Hungry. Getting tired of leeks already. #LeekFast2013

12:39pm – (from @Jedisaber) haha, how long are you gonna eat them for?

12:42pm – @Jedisaber Supposed to be for 2 days. We’ll see if I last that long!

10:47am – @kiwifr00t Mam hlad.

12:34pm – (from @kiwifr00t) Hlad jako vlk, now that you mention it…

12:37pm – @kiwifr00t Jako vlk??!!

12:49pm – (from @kiwifr00t) Jako. Vlk.

1:46pm – @kiwifr00t Why did I think this was a good idea?? #LeekFast2013

2:06pm – Calorie Counting App: OMG UR STARVING URSELF!! Me: Shut up I know!! CCA: WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?? Me: I’m an idiot shut up already!!

3:40pm – Feeling weird. The leek experiment is dangerously close to being cancelled. #LeekFast2013

3:50pm – Probably will never have leeks again in my life. #LeekFast2013

3:55pm – (from @CloneBot) That good huh?

3:56pm – @CloneBot MUCH WORSE.

4:09pm – Officially done with this leek experiment. Am eating almonds. #LeekFast2013

4:29pm – (from @kiwifr00t) Yeah, I’ll readily admit it was not my best laid plan. #LeekFast2013

4:31pm – @kiwifr00t At least I got some good blog material out of this!

So, that was an interesting experiment. I’m not sure if it would be less like fasting if I actually liked leeks. What was weird was that I just became more and more preoccupied with how hungry I was throughout the day. Not really surprising, I guess. I’m used to eating whenever I want.

Well, I don’t plan on doing that ever again. Here are some pictures from the cooking:

You can see the misgiving in my eyes.

You can see the misgiving in my eyes.

So many leeks!

So many leeks!

Anyone else reminded of Gattica?

Anyone else reminded of Gattica?




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