Kim Watches Old Movies Part 2: Gaslight

“Gaslight” made it’s way into my queue because I was reading the wikipedia article to learn what “gaslighting” is. In short, it’s when someone tries to convince you you’re going crazy. The synopsis of the film was intriguing and since it was free on Amazon Prime I popped it on during dinner the other night.

I really liked this movie, though it did seem to go on a bit long. After about the 20th example of how her husband is trying to make her crazy I was like “Ok, we get it. Can we just move this along now?” Ingrid Bergman was amazing and Charles Boyer was fantastic. These were clearly two actors in their prime. Angela Lansbury was in this too and it’s always weird to see her as a foxy young woman! As for the plot I thought it held up very well  (though how big is their attic that it takes Gregory months to look through it?!) But the story of a villain manipulating someone with mind games is timeless so the interactions between the characters was easy to understand even 70 years later. Boyer was convincing enough to be genuinely creepy! I think my favorite part is at the end after Gregory has been caught and Paula gets a few minutes alone with him. Her monologue is great and I really thought she was going to stab him in the neck! (I was rooting for that, actually…) She goes through such a transformation from a traumatized young woman to a slightly unhinged and furious adult woman. I’d love to see the sequel where she becomes a vigilante and fights crime!


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