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The Future is Now!!

Wow, I just discovered the mobile app for WordPress. I CAN BLOG FROM MY PHONE. Whether or not I should remains to be seen… Ooh! I can add pictures too! Here’s one of Boo in the sink: Advertisements

Epic Return. Epic Quiche.

I believe that I still have a few readers out there who remember when I used to write on this blog. They will understand that my return is not, in itself epic, but the fact that I managed to return after a 15-month absence from blogging entirely is surprising to say the least. And what better way […]

Christmas Time

In case you’re interested, I’ve updated my Christmas wishlist page.


Well hello there, long-lost blog-readers! I suppose I’m the one who is “long-lost”, but I’m hoping you’ll forgive me because I have a Real Blog Post for you today, complete with pictures! I’m spending my summer working in Lake Arrowhead and living with Mom. I’ve been here for about 6 weeks now, and I’ll be […]

Too far behind!

I’ve been terrible about posting on this blog lately. Since my last post so much has happened that I’m not going to bother trying to write it all down. A few major projects I’ve completed are: another factory-scape wall-hanging, a couple of tablet-woven straps (with lettering!) and some twill replicas (the last three all for […]


I’m on vacation! It’s so great to sit here and have nothing better to do than blog. ^__^ I’m visiting my Dad in Winston-Salem, NC, for Easter. Winston-Salem is home to a lot of Moravians and we’re going to participate in some neat cultural activities tonight! Winston-Salem is known as the “Easter City” because they really […]