I’m going to eat nothing but leeks and leek broth for the next 2 days. I think this is one of those “cleanse” thingies that the kids are doing these days, though it feels an awful lot like a fast to me. I suppose technically you’re not allowed to eat any solid food when you’re […]

“Space Junque” is a dystopian near-future sci-fi novella about love, life and nuclear apocalypse. I thought the world Rigel created was very interesting – her vision of the future seems realistic and she used just enough techno-babble to be convincing. I liked her characters but felt like they weren’t fully developed (probably because the story […]

I liked this book! I’d give it a 6 out of 10. Maybe a 7, but you gotta be in the mood for it. It wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. I was looking for a post-apocalyptic romance novel, and while this was technically that, it wasn’t really the setting I was looking for.

The concept of “comfort food” intrigues me. It has the same definition for all of us, but we all have different foods that we put in that category. Comfort foods make us feel good emotionally when we eat them, usually because it gives us a healthy dose of nostalgia. I’d say that most (if not […]

Over the summer Kelly and I tried an experiment: crock pot curry. It came out really good and I wanted to try it again, but this time I wanted to do Japanese style curry. Last time we used a jar of Thai style coconut curry mix to start with. Since I’m still just as lazy, […]

I’ve been cooking lately! I’m trying to eat vegetables every day and since (apparently) the yellowish scrap of lettuce that I get from Jack in the Box doesn’t count as a serving of vegetables, this means I have to actually buy groceries and eat them at home if I want to accomplish that goal.